Mr. Greg, the founder of Saipwell brand. Defined Products that Deliver Happiness to everyone as the corporate mission at the beginning of his business. Whether it is for customers, employees or suppliers, we are always full of gratitude in order that everyone feels happy from the ultimate trust in the products, happy work, mutual benefit and win-win.


  • KTO 011/KTS 011 Small Compact Thermostat

    KTO 011/KTS 011 Small Compact Thermostat

    Switching difference: 12.6 °F ± 7 °F tolerance (7 K ± 4 K)

    Sensor element: thermostatic bimetal

    Contact type: snap-action contact

    Service life: > 100,000 cycles

  • Airflow Monitor Switch

    Airflow Monitor Switch

    Model No.: LC 013/LCF 013

    Contact Type: Reed/magnet contact

    Operating / Storage temperature: -20 to +50°C (-4 to +122°F) / -20 to +80°C (-4 to +176°F)

    Protection type: IP20


  • MFR 012

    MFR 012

    Adjustable relative humidity

    Change-over contact

    High switching capacity

    Easily accessible terminals

    DIN rail mounted

  • EFR012 Thermostat

    EFR012 Thermostat

    Model No.: EFR012

    Sensor Element: PTC

    Dimensions: 64.5 x 42 x 38mm

    Operating/Storage temperature: 0 to +60°C (+32 to +140°F) / -20 to +70°C (-4 to +158°F)

    Protection type: IP20

  • SP7000 Mechanical Thermostat

    SP7000 Mechanical Thermostat

    Room Thermostat Control


    Bimetallic room thermostat for heating and air-conditioning installations Thermal, electrical and mechanical features Breaking capacity on opening contact, 10A-250V A.C.(ohmic load) Differential: 0.5K

  • FZK 011 Electronic Thermostat

    FZK 011 Electronic Thermostat

    Mechanical Hygrostat

    Adjustable Temperature

    High Switching Capacity

    Small Hysteresis

    Terminals Easily Accessible

    DIN Rail Mounted

    Change-over Contact


  • ETR 011 Electronic Cooling Thermostat

    ETR 011 Electronic Cooling Thermostat

    1. Large setting range

    2. Small hysteresis

    3. Status indicator (LED)

    4. Change-over contact

    5. Clip fixing

  • SP-1000 Mechanical Thermostat

    SP-1000 Mechanical Thermostat

    1.Compact design

    2.Wide adjustment range

    3.Color coded temperature dials

    4.DIN rail mountable

  • SP-2000  Mechanical Thermostat

    SP-2000 Mechanical Thermostat

    Mechanical Thermostat


    Application: control of central air conditioner or heating

    Temperature control range: 10℃~30℃

    Work voltage :220V~/50Hz

    Max load :10A

    SENSOR type:gas filled sylphon With on/off swich ,without LED indicator for power

  • SP-6000 Mechanical Room Thermostat

    SP-6000 Mechanical Room Thermostat

    The RTC70.xx is used for 2-position control with on/off output for the control the temperature by means of an NTC sensor placed externally or internally in the thermostat.

    Voltage: AC230V

    Output relay: 16A

    Power consumption: 5W

    Setting range: 4℃~45℃

    Switching differential:±0.5K

    Ambient temperature: -5℃~50℃

    Protective housing: IP20


  • ET 011 Ctronic Thermostat

    ET 011 Ctronic Thermostat

    High DC Breaking Capacity

    Low Hysteresis

    Adjustable Temperature

    Change-over Contact

    DIN Rail Mounted

  • DA 284 Pressure Compensation Device

    DA 284 Pressure Compensation Device

    Pressure Compensation Device

    High Degree of Protection

    Waterproof Membrane

    Easy to Install

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