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Room Thermostat

  • SP7000 Mechanical Thermostat

    SP7000 Mechanical Thermostat

    Product FunctionEnsure ideal conditions in your enclosures and switch cabinets with our temperature and humidity control systems: our temperature regulators and hygrostats control and regulate ...
  • SP-1000 Mechanical Thermostat

    SP-1000 Mechanical Thermostat

    Product FunctionFor regulating heat exchangers and fans and as an alarm contact for monitoring the interior temperature of electronic enclosures.IntroductionSP-1000 series thermostats are usu...
  • SP-2000  Mechanical Thermostat

    SP-2000 Mechanical Thermostat

    Heating Room ThermostatTechnical Data Application: control of central air conditioner or heating Temperature control range: 10℃~30℃ Work voltage :220V~/50Hz Max load :10A SENSOR type:gas fill...
  • SP-6000 Mechanical Room Thermostat

    SP-6000 Mechanical Room Thermostat

    IntroductionThe RTC70.xx is used for 2-position control with on/off output for the control the temperature by means of an NTC sensor placed externally or internally in the thermostat. the therm...