Advantages and Functions of Saipwell Waterproof Box

1. The engineering plastic shell is made of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin and pressed by moulds. It has a beautiful appearance. It has the advantages of anti-aging, non-deformation, anti-impact, anti-static, anti-corrosion and so on. The color of the product is green.

2. Stainless steel shell is processed by die blanking and forming technology. The surface is polished with mirror surface, which is beautiful and generous.

3. The surface of steel plate shell is pickled, passivated and treated by high voltage electrostatic spraying, and the grade of anti-corrosion is F1. 

4. Resistance to strong acid, alkali, salt, sea water, ammonia, chloride ion corrosion, anti-corrosion grade F2.

5. It is a labyrinth waterproofing structure with good waterproofing and dust-proofing performance. The protection level is IP65.

6. All the exposed fasteners are stainless steel and the seals are silicone rubber. They are oil-resistant, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and high temperature-resistant. 

7. Applicable to AC 50Hz, voltage 380V and below, DC to 440 and current less than 100A circuit, as lighting control, power transmission, power control and other functions in the work site.

8. Installed with C65 high-breaking miniature circuit breaker.

9. It has the functions of leakage protection, photoelectric control and so on.

Saipwell Industrial plug

Industrial plugs, as the name implies, are suitable for use in industry. They are generally divided into 3 cores, 4 cores, 5 cores, etc. The current is generally divided into 16A, 32A, 63A, 125A, 250A, 420A, etc. The protection grade can be divided into IP44 and IP67. Two, for these are more conventional. In general, it is used in conjunction with industrial sockets and industrial connectors.



What is Saipwell IP67 Waterproof Connection Box

Transparent cover IP67 waterproof junction box electrical box has the following characteristics: waterproof, dustproof, acid resistant, alkali resistant, impact resistant, explosion proof, UV resistant, non-conductive and other excellent characteristics, widely used in outdoor docks, ports, field distribution Engineering, communications, mechanical equipment, chemicals, oil and other harsh environments. The electrical enclosure is IP66/67 and is available in ABS engineering and polycarbonate. The sealed box is available in standard colours RAL 7035 and is available in ABS engineering plastics and polycarbonate (PC). The ENSTO sealed box is water and dust resistant from IP65 to IP66/67. The sealed box made by ABS can only be made of smooth surface without pre-punching. It is suitable for indoor use. It has good resistance to some chemicals, for example, in the case of strong detergent in dairy factories; polycarbonate has been added. Glass fiber reinforced, increased the strength of the sealed box wall, suitable for harsh conditions and outdoor applications, temperature range from -50 ° C to +120 ° C, with strong UV radiation resistance; sealed box cover is gray or transparent. The transparent cover is made of polycarbonate.

Saipwell Clear Waterproof Box

1. Technical parameters of industrial waterproof tank SP-PTV-302030

2. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Street lamp, venue, power distribution facilities with circuit protection, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-static, corrosion-resistant, It is easy to install and has good impact performance.

3. Products have passed CE, ROHS certification, etc. 

4. Waterproof and dust-proof grade has been certified, IP65;

5. Size: 300*200*300 mm

6. Material: Made of high-quality thermoplastic-polycarbonate and ABS, the color is standard-grey RAL7035. The cover is grey or transparent, beautiful in appearance, strong in performance. The weight is one third of the iron box, convenient in transportation and processing. Or the material can be selected according to customer's requirements.

Waterproof boxes are mainly used for waterproof junction boxes, waterproof instrument boxes, waterproof photovoltaic junction boxes and so on. Waterproof boxes are mainly used for indoor and outdoor electrical, communication, fire fighting facilities, steel smelting, petrochemical, electronic, electric power, railway, construction site, mine, mining yard, airport, hotel, ship, etc. Large factories, coastal factories, unloading terminal equipment, waste water treatment facilities. Environmental pollution facilities, etc.

Types of sockets

Civil sockets, industrial sockets, waterproof sockets, ordinary sockets, power outlets, computer sockets, telephone sockets, video, audio sockets, mobile sockets; USB sockets.

{Gb2099.1-2008/iec60884-1:2006,e3.1,mod for household and similar plug sockets-part 1th: General requirements Definition}

(Socket-outlet) Power socket: A plug sleeve designed for plug-in with the plug and an electrical accessory for the terminal used to connect the soft cable.

(Fixed socket-outlet) fixed socket: A socket used to connect to a fixed wiring.

(portable Socket-outlet) mobile socket: A socket that is intended to be connected to a soft cable or to form a whole with a soft cable, and that is easy to move from one place to another when connected to a power supply.

(multiple Socket-outlet) multiple sockets: A combination of two or more sockets.

(Socket-outlet for appliances) apparatus socket: a socket intended to be installed in an electrical appliance or fixed to an electrical appliance.

(rewirable plug or rewirable protable socket-outlet) can be disconnected or removable socket: an electrical accessory that can be structurally replaced with a soft cable.

(non-rewirable plug or non-rewirable protable socket-outlet) non-removable plug or non-disconnected mobile socket: connected and assembled by an electrical accessory manufacturer, a whole electrical accessory is formed on the structure with a soft cable. Note: Home wall socket belongs to the fixed socket; plug (above) without power cord and plug called Mobile socket, with plug to form the whole is called converter (adaptor).

What is a socket?

Socket, also known as power outlet, switch socket.

A socket is a seat that can be inserted with one or more circuit wiring, through which a variety of wiring can be inserted. This makes it easy to connect to other circuits. Through the connection and disconnection between the line and the copper parts, to achieve the final reach of the part of the circuit connected and disconnected.

How the thermostat works

The thermostat automatic sampler is equipped with a cooling/heating module, which uses the PAL sticker element to effectively cool the air. When turned on, set the front of the heating/cooling PAL element according to the temperature. The fan inhale air from the sample tray area and passes it through the channel of the heating/cooling module. Fan speed is determined by environmental conditions (e.g. ambient humidity, temperature). In the heating/cooling module, the air reaches the temperature of the PAL element, which is then blown under a special sample tray, where it is evenly distributed and flows back to the sample disk area. The air then enters the thermostat from there.

This cycle mode ensures efficient cooling/heating of the sample bottle. In cooling mode, the other side of the Parr element becomes very hot and must be cooled in order to maintain visionary performance, which is achieved through a large heat exchanger on the back of the thermostat. Four fans blow the air together from left to right, draining the heated air.

The fan speed determines the temperature control of the PAL sticker element. During cooling, condensate will appear in the heating/cooling module. Condensate will be thermostat everywhere.

What is a thermostat?

A temperature sensing device in which an automatic open circuit or closed circuit is maintained under normal operation, and the action temperature of the control part is only fixed or adjustable at a certain temperature range. A thermostat is a device that directly or indirectly controls one or more heat sources and cold source to maintain the required temperature. In order for the thermostat to achieve this function, it must have a sensitive element and a converter, and the sensitive element measures the temperature change and produces the desired effect on the converter. The converter converts the action from a sensitive element into a function that can properly control the temperature-changing device.

Common faults in the power supply box

(1) Faults caused by the influence of ambient temperature on low voltage electrical appliances The low voltage electrical appliance in the power supply box consists of a fuse, an AC contactor, a residual current action protector, a capacitor and a metering meter.

The upper limit of ambient air temperature does not exceed 40 ℃; the average ambient air temperature of 24h does not exceed 35 ℃; and the lower limit of ambient air temperature is not less than -5℃ or-25 ℃.

Agricultural network transformation of the power supply box in the outdoor operation, it is not only by the direct exposure of sunlight to produce high temperature, at the same time the operation itself will produce heat, so in the summer high temperature season, the temperature in the box will reach more than 60 ℃, when the temperature greatly exceeds the ambient temperature specified by these electrical appliances.

(2) Faults caused by product quality In the transformation of agricultural network at that time due to the demand for a large number of power boxes, short construction period, power box factory needs about low-voltage electrical appliances supply time is urgent and a large number, resulting in the product quality requirements are not strict phenomenon, resulting in some products put into operation soon after the failure.

If some models of AC contactor in the Power box after the operation, because the contactor closing coil burned out, and can not operate.

(3) Faults caused by improper selection of electrical appliances in the power supply box Because the capacity selection of AC contactor is not suitable at the time of manufacture, the AC contactor with the same capacity is installed on different outlet loops, and the imbalance of three-phase load is not taken into account, but the current level of some outlet contactor cannot be improved on the basis of normal selection model, and the selection of current level is increased.

Classification of power supply boxes

Commonly used power supply box is made of wood and metal two kinds, because the metal power box protection level is higher, so it is still used more metal.

(1) Fixed panel switch cabinet, commonly known as switch board or distribution screen.

It is a panel blocking open switchgear, the front has a protective effect, the back and side can still touch the charged part, the protection level is low, can only be used for power supply continuity and reliability requirements of industrial and mining enterprises, as a centralized power supply for the substation.

(2) protective (i.e. closed) switchgear, which refers to a low-voltage switchgear that is enclosed on all sides except the mounting surface. Electrical components such as switch, protection and monitoring controls for such cabinets are installed in a closed housing made of steel or insulating materials, with reliable walls or off-wall installations. There can be no isolation between each circuit in the cabinet, or it can be isolated using a grounded metal plate or insulating plate. Usually the door is mechanically interlocking with the main switch operation. In addition, there are protective table switchgear (that is, the console), the Panel is equipped with control, measurement, signal and other electrical appliances. Protective switchgear is mainly used as a power distribution device in the process site.

(3) Drawer type switchgear. This type of switchgear is made of steel plate as a closed shell, and the electrical components in and out of the line loop are installed in an extractable drawer to form a functional unit capable of completing a certain type of power supply task. The function unit is separated from the bus or cable by a functional board made of a grounded metal plate or plastic, forming a bus, functional unit and cable three areas. There are also isolation measures between each functional unit. Drawer switchgear has a high reliability, safety and interchangeability, is a more advanced switchgear, switchgear Most refers to the drawer type switchgear.

They are suitable for industrial and mining enterprises and high-rise buildings which require high reliability of power supply, and as a centralized control distribution center.

(4) Power, lighting distribution control box. Mostly closed vertical mounting. Shell protection levels vary depending on the use of the occasion. They are mainly used as distribution devices for production sites in industrial and mining enterprises.

The role of the power supply box

The Power supply box is the control center for the rational Distribution of electrical energy in all kinds of components in the command power supply line, the control link of reliable acceptance of the upper end power supply, the correct feed-out load power, and the key to obtain the user's satisfaction with the quality of power supply.

Improve the operation reliability of power supply box, is the goal of creating high-quality engineering. Power supply box is generally in accordance with the requirements of electrical wiring, switchgear, measuring instruments, protective appliances and auxiliary equipment assembly in a closed or semi-enclosed metal cabinet or screen, constitute a low-voltage power supply box. The normal operation can be switched on or off by means of a manual or automatic switch. Fault or abnormal operation with the help of a protective appliance to cut off the circuit or alarm.

The measuring instrument can display various parameters in operation, and some electrical parameters can be adjusted to indicate or signal deviations from the normal working state. The use of the power supply box is a reasonable distribution of electrical energy, convenient for the circuit opening and closing operation. There is a high level of safety protection, can intuitively display the circuit's conduction state.

What is a power box?

The power supply box is mainly for the vacuum circuit breaker and other high-voltage switches to provide operating power.

The Power supply box adopts the input voltage 220V or 380V through the SCR pressure regulation rectifier, the output DC, has the output DC voltage multi-file adjustable current characteristic or the AC voltage, carries on the single point, the single combination operation function.

Structure and technology of steel box

The bottom of the steel cage adopts frame rigid structure, which is welded by steel panel and steel leg, and the mesh frame generally uses Q235 wire wire diameter can be customized according to the needs of 6.0mm 7.0mm 10.0mm mesh has 50*50 50%100 100*100

The upper four sides of the box-type steel cage are welded with high quality corrugated plate or flat plate.

The upper part of the cage is welded with the same high quality cold-drawn steel wire and high quality profile as the storage cage.

Steel box frame often uses the moment tube, square tube through the welding frame, the column generally uses square tube or angle steel, the top of the column is often welded with hanging ear for stacking or lifting. Cage Surface treatment using blasting technology, can better rust and oil, to eliminate the previous pickling phosphating and production of sewage pollution problems, more in line with environmental requirements, conducive to the export of steel boxes.

Late use of 180 degrees high temperature spraying baking technology Make the appearance of the product clean, beautiful, durable. Material box size can be produced according to the actual requirements of customer products, in the procurement of materials should be taken into account the external dimensions of the product to be placed, the design of the maximum load should meet the requirements of use and as a warehousing or for turnover, whether the need for stacking and so on. General conditions the manufacturer of the steel material box will design the drawings according to the actual needs of the user.

Steel Box Features

(1). The cage has the advantages of beautiful appearance, sturdy and durable, strong bearing capacity, no maintenance, etc.

(2). Cage storage is convenient, does not occupy the warehouse fixed space, rigid material box is generally welded with stacking device, can be safely stacked to four layers, at the same time folding material box can also be folded.

It is more reasonable to fold up and transport or store when not in use;

(3). Cage surface using galvanized or electrostatic spray treatment, easy to clean, not easy to pollute;

(4). Cages are suitable for all industries, a variety of occasions, the use of a wide range.

Installation of junction boxes

Installation of wire boxes under cast-in-water flooring For the installation of the junction box under the cast-in-one floor there are a total of three types of installation: Set up terminal junction box connection method, set up Indirect Line box connection method, set up the Difference Line box connection method.

Among them, the terminal connection method, that is, there is only one outlet, and the indirect law has two outlet ports, in the Divergence Line box connection method has 4 outlet.

The junction box is mounted on the beam side, and the cable needs to be tied on the steel bar when it enters the floor. The same cable needs to be tied and fixed after it is drawn from the junction box.